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Mold & Health

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Every day, humans are exposed to mold either by touching it or inhaling it. It is something that is commonly found both outdoors and indoors. It is not possible to live in any environment and not expect some amount of mold. Washington DC Mold Services takes the time to educate our customers about the effects that mold can have on them and their health. Once mold starts to grow, mold spores get released into the air and this is how it is inhaled. If you are exposed to too much mold spores, this is what can cause you to become sick.


How Mold Affects Your Health

Several mold types can grow inside your home. These are the types of molds that can adversely affect your health. They start to cause all sorts of allergic reactions, which can create toxins and irritants. The effect of mold on a person will depend largely on how much mold they have been exposed to, their age, allergies, and their level of sensitivity to mold. Anyone who is sensitive to mold and touches it might begin to experience a runny nose, skin rashes, itching, watery eyes, and nasal congestion.


Have You Been Exposed to Mold

You can determine if you have been exposed to an excessive amount of mold by having mold testing for antibodies performed. If the doctor finds antibodies are present in your system, it means that you have been exposed to mold. A physician can recommend that you have a mold test but unfortunately, testing positive doesn't determine how it will affect your health. There isn't a lot that a person can do other than remove themselves from the area where they believe they are being exposed to mold. They may also need to have the mold removed to prevent any further health problems.


Removing Mold

Most people would agree that the best way to avoid exposure to mold is to have it removed as soon as a problem is detected. Any sign of mold, no matter how little it is, should be addressed as quickly as possible. The problem with mold is that it goes undetected while the problem is small. However, once it becomes visible, the problem has become worse. If you detect a problem with mold, we suggest that you do something about it right away by contacting us to remove it for you.


Mold Testing

Whenever you suspect that mold has developed in your home then it’s time to contact Washington DC Mold Services to do something about it. Testing is a normal part of our process. Testing will let us determine where the mold is and whether it has spread to other areas of your home. If mold has spread then it will likely take a lot more to remove the mold, which means that remediation will be more extensive. However, we are up for the job. Call us when you suspect mold in your home and we’ll start testing right away.

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